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Advancing Limb Preservation: The role of Peripheral Angiograms


Losing a limb can have profound physical and emotional consequences. Now, with advancements in medical technology, limb perseveration has become a viable option for many facing amputation. At Coastal Heart Medical Group, Our award wining vascular specialist are trained in Peripheral angiograms, coupled with accessing the pedal arch. In this blog we explore how these procedures contribute to presevering limbs and enchaing patient outcomes. 

Peripheral angiograms: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Precision:

Peripheral angiograms are minimally invasive procedures used to visualize blood vessels in the legs. By precisely identifying arterial blockages and narrowing, our providers can tailer thier treatment plans to restore blood flow to affected limbs. Both Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. George Pismisis use diagnostic precision to guide therapeutic intervetions, improving outcomes for patients with conditions like peripheral arterial disease. 

Accessing the Pedal Arch: Targeted Treatment Approach:

Accessing the pedal arch, a crucial network of arteries in the foot, allows our medical practiioners to deliver interventions directly to the affected area. By bypassing obstructed vessels, our highly skilled interventionalist and surgeons can restore blood flow and promote tissue healing. This precison approach is practicularly effective in cases where peripheral arterial disease severly comprimises circulation to the foot and lower limb. 

By combining expertise in vascular surgery, interventional radiology and working closely with trusted podiatrist, our providers tailer treatment plans to each patients  unique needs. Peripheral angiograms combined with pedal arch access are intregal componets of CHMGS approach, enabling precise diagnosis and targeted interventions. 

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