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Treadmill Exercise Stress Testing


To evaluate your cardiovascular status, your physician has ordered a treadmill stress test. You will be asked to walk on a treadmill until you have reached a “target” heart rate which is based on your age and ability. During the treadmill stress test, you will be continuously monitored for blood pressure, heart rate and EKG changes. The entire test is comprised of three parts; preparation, exercise and recovery period. The exercise portion of the test usually lasts for 5-10 minutes; however, you should allow about an hour for the entire test.

Patient Instructions:

1. Do not eat for 3 hours prior to test. Water is permitted.

2. No caffeine for (4) hours prior to test.

3. Diabetic patients should have a light meal 2 hours prior to test.

4. If you use an inhaler please bring with you the day of your test.

5. Please take your regular medications, unless otherwise instructed.

6. Please avoid using body lotion, oils or powders on your chest area.

7. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise. No one piece outfits. Please wear tennis shoes.

Flip flops, sandals and high heals are not permitted.

8. Please check in 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.

9. It is required that you sign an informed consent prior to the test. The consent describes the risk and benefits of the test.



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