CONDITIONS WE TREAT at Coastal Heart Medical in Santa Ana, CA

The experienced cardiovascular specialists at Coastal Heart Medical Group treat nearly all types of heart and vascular conditions from the most common to the most complex, using advanced treatments and technologies.


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Our goal is to provide high quality patient care and focus on the needs of the Individual.


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 DIAGNOSTIC TESTING at Coastal Heart Medical Group, Santa Ana, CA

Our facilities in Orange County, CA are meticulously designed with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments and include a wide range of non-invasive cardiovascular capabilities.


 ANGIOGRAPHY FACILITIES at Coastal Heart Medical Group, Santa Ana, CA

We want to provide our patients with more choices and more solutions – the kind they can’t get anywhere else. That’s why Coastal Heart Medical Group is one of the few in Orange County, CA with its own in-house Angiography Facilities.


 PERIPHERAL ARTERIAL DISEASE (PAD) at Coastal Heart Medical Group, Santa Ana, CA

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) usually means fatty deposits in the arteries of the legs. This is a progressive condition that, when left untreated can cause severe leg pain and cramping, especially when walking. It causes tiredness in the legs and can therefore reduce mobility.



 ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY (EP) at Coastal Heart Medical at Santa Ana, CA location.

An electrophysiology (EP) study is a test that records the electrical activity and the electrical pathways of your heart. It can help find what’s causing your irregular heartbeat. It also helps figure out the best treatment for you.



 VENOUS STUDIES at Coastal Heart Medical at Santa Ana, CA location.

We perform many venous studies at Coastal Heart Medical Group. Having an advanced vascular diagnostic and treatment center in-house, we are able to detect the location and severity of venous and arterial vascular diseases quicker so we may treat it faster.


At Coastal Heart Medical Group we provide close monitoring of INR (International Normalized Ratio) for our patients that are on blood thinners such as Coumadin.


Dear Dr Shah, I (we) can’t thank you enough for all the personal care you have given my mom and our family!!!
— Take care, J.C.
Dr. Shah, Dr. Zarka and the staff of Coastal Heart Medical Group, Thank you so much for taking care of our dad over the years. We are extremely appreciative of your kindness. Dad always spoke very highly of you….your kindness has made all the difference.
— A.F.
Dear Dr. Shah, Dr. Zarka and Staff, With great gratitude for all of you. Thank you for being our Angels on Earth to us.
— Cordially, M.S, C.B.
Dr. Shah, You are blessed with a beautiful staff, starting with Rebeca and all the other great gals. WOW!!
— R.H., L.H.

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